Сдружение „БГ Бъди активен“, град Пловдив си търси своя подходящ кадър за длъжността  „урбанист/плейсмейкър“, който желае да се присъедини към екипа на организацията, работеща изцяло в обществена полза, за социално значими каузи и по темите за опазване на околната среда.

От повече от 5 години БГ Бъди активен работи в посока активно гражданско общество и въвличането му в създаване на по-добра градска среда, базирайки се на подхода „placemaking“.

Чрез активно ангажиране на местните общности в (пре)създаването на „местата“ с различни обществени дискусии, идейни работилници и физически интервенции, използваме публичните пространства като територия за учене, активно гражданско участие и различни инициативи, свързани с подобряването на средата, в която живеем.

Търси се креативно мислещ човек, с чужд език (за предпочитане английски език), който да е готов да пътува и да се среща с хора, организации и институции. Има капацитет и разбиране за местата и това как те могат да се подобрят и приведат във вид на активни и ползвани от общностите места, чрез подхода „placemaking”.

По-надолу може да видите текста на обявата и ако представлява интерес, да се свържете с организацията.

Връзка към обявата във Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/job_opening/260627422624969


In line with our commitment to developing high-impact projects of optimal effect, the organization is currently seeking a talented professional for the position of Placemaker who can support BG Be Active in various placemaking and regeneration projects and interventions. 

Our headquarters are based in Plovdiv where some activities take part; however, as an urbanist and planner at BG Be Active, you’ll be involved in placemaking interventions in places across Bulgarian cities, towns, villages, and the countryside. 


As a placemaker, you’ll need to cover a broad area of work using many different skills:

·         develop creative and original transformative solutions to satisfy all parties

·         consult with stakeholders and other interested parties

·         work with developers and other professionals, such as surveyors and architects

·         design layouts and draft designs 

·         use information technology systems such as computer-aided design (CAD) or geographical information systems (GIS)

·         attend and present at planning boards, appeals, and public inquiries

·         keep up to date with legislation associated with land use

·         promote environmental education and awareness

·         Write reports on requests to support the organization with reporting on achievements, plans, and status of the work conducted which make recommendations or explain detailed regulations.

·         You’ll spend some of your time making site visits, meeting partner organizations and on occasions attending external community meetings.

·         You may need to travel within a working day with occasional overnight absence from home. On occasions, there may be overseas work trips related to projects.

Skills Required 

You’ll need to have:

·         Good level of written and spoken English 

·         creative thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills to come up with imaginative solutions to planning problems

·         a flexible approach and initiative and innovation to respond to changes and come up with regeneration solutions

·         strong report-writing, communication, and organizational skills for liaising with colleagues, members of the public, and possibly developers and architects 

·         the ability to both work as part of a team and manage an individual caseload

·         self-motivation

·         an aptitude for listening to, and negotiating with, a range of people

·         the ability to work with accuracy and attention to detail, in order to ensure planning details are exact


You may have studied, worked, or specialized in an area of planning such as:

·         Community engagement

·         Conservation

·         Regeneration

·         Sustainable development

·         Urban design

·         Landscape architecture 

The Offer

You will be joining a growing and stable association developing high-quality projects at the international level which have an impact on people’s lives at the local level in Bulgaria. 

·         A full-time contract 

·         An excellent opportunity to apply your creativity, and to be involved in a variety of projects 

·         Dynamic work environment

·         Long-term career perspectives

Ако позицията представлява интерес за вас, моля изпратете своето CV и мотивационно писмо (Cover letter) до zoia@bgbeactive.org